Construction of the Powerline Trail, from the Oak Leaf trail crossing at W. Cold Spring Road (near S. 105th Street), begins this spring! Phase 1 of the trail will continue east for three miles to S. 60th Street. The trail is scheduled to open in the fall of 2022.

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  1. This trail will add nice new options for making loop bike rides around the south side of the city. As well as a safe new route for hooking up to the lakefront Oak Leaf trail system. Currently there is no off road trail on the south end of the Oak Leaf trail near the Milwaukee County Athletic field in Franklin. Instead of taking Drexel Ave. from about 53rd St. all the way to the lake, Bay View, or St. Francis, this will be a nice shortcut compared to heading all the way north to the Hank Arron trail, then back south on 1st or 2nd street. I can’t wait for its completion all the way to the lake.

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