Trail Users


There’s a run, roll, ride, stroll or commute route here for everyone.

Step it up

Whether you’re getting in your morning jog or training for a marathon, the trail is here to here to help you reach your goals.


Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall – you can cycle through them all.

Connect with nature

Rollerblading, birding, photography and geocaching are just a few of the many ways to enjoy a day on the trail.

Take a stroll

No expensive gym memberships or fancy equipment required.  Walking is a free, simple and effective form of exercise. 

exercise fido

Let your dog stretch its legs from the safety and comfort of the trail.

Get where you need to go

Commuting to school, work or your favorite store on foot will save gas money and provide physical activity. 

Trail Etiquette:  As the trail is used by both cyclists and pedestrians, it is important to be aware of your surroundings, call out when passing, keep to the right, and always share the path.

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